How Does a Proxy Work?

Basically, a proxy is a web page that allows internet users to visit websites that are not approved to view or that for some reason have been blocked. With the use of a proxy, users can get pass this interdiction and are able to view the content of the blocked website. Through the use of a proxy, the internet user remains invisible and undetected and thus there is no evidence that the particular user has viewed any website.

How does the proxy actually work?

In essence, with the proxy, internet users browse the internet just as with any given web browser. With the proxy users access a certain web address in the browser’s own window. Then the proxy codes the window as part of the proxy website address and not the actual site the internet user is viewing. All information cached in the temporary internet folder belongs to the proxy and to the internet user. Thus, the online visitor cannot be traced and the information is not revealed.

Why Use a Proxy?

Proxies are used for several different reasons. With a proxy you can pass any blocked websites and access its content. It is possible for the content to be unsafe for work or is not suitable for younger people and thus the website is generally blocked. There are several employees that use it to restrict their employees from viewing websites during work and instead focus their attention on the work itself. Furthermore, employees can even key certain words that would enable the employee to access or deny access at work to certain websites. For instance, employees can be prevented from visiting dating or social websites by entering specific keywords related to those websites. Users who try to access these websites or these keywords will be blocked from viewing them. The restricted websites can be virtually any sites that the employer considers out of place at work.

Certain users have discovered that through a proxy these restricted websites can be easily accessed. The use of a web based proxy is similar to opening a different webpage in a browser. Web based proxies do not require any advanced knowledge at all as they just need to open the right URL. Plus, users do not have to install the web based proxies and thus operating any modifications on the computer they are using.

Eventually, the user has the final decision on how and if they want to surf without being seen. However, there are times when you have to have self-control when you are tempted to surf the internet as in normal conditions.