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Does Mac Web Hosting Exist?

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What is Mac Web Hosting?

The same as other operating systems, Apple’s Mac OS X is capable of running web hosting software.  A Mac server is quite like other servers in many ways, though it’s more than a passing similarity to Linux hosting.  That makes sense, seeing as the two operating systems have a Unix core working underneath.  The difference is in accessible hardware.

When it comes to web hosting, then you usually only see programs working on Windows or Linux servers.  It appears like all of the web hosts out there have resorted to a few of those two.  But were you aware that you can host sites on Mac hardware too?  It may not be talked about much, however you will find web hosts out there offering persuasive Mac web hosting to what is rapidly becoming the dominant customer operating system.

Can you get mac web hosting

Mac OS X has a number of the greatest uptime available on the current market, second possibly only to your Linux web server operating with no graphical user interface.  Apple’s powerful Unix core ensures a Mac web host will just keep on running, regardless of what you throw at it.  It is one of the advantages of choosing a proven, long-lived heart operating system like Unix.  Basically, you shouldn’t need to worry about the server going down without your server scheduling the downtime.

You may not have understood it, but Apple does in fact offer an OS X based web server.  Which demonstrates that Apple has dreams of capturing a wider audience, among web hosts along with designers.

Disadvantages of Mac Web Hosting

There are some drawbacks to Mac web hosting.  For one thing, it is hard to have a decent Mac server anymore.  The hardware is expensive, meaning the hosting prices tend to be more than if you select different choices.  The Apple tax is quite much alive in web hosting.

There are very few hosts out there that provide Mac web hosting.  You just won’t have that many options to choose from.  As good an operating system is, if nobody uses a stage, then it is likely to be rare and expensive.

But that doesn’t mean that Mac hosting is not worth considering.  For many people it is exactly what they need.  The stability, ease of use and excellent first party applications makes Mac web hosting a no brainer for people willing to invest in the future of their business.

Why Mac Web Hosting?

So, why if you go with Mac web hosting on the more frequently used options?  The fast answer is: reliability, simplicity, and integrated tools.  Apple provides a full package of tools for managing, assessing and hosting servers to their operating systems.  And like everything Apple, Mac web hosting requires a clean strategy and manages to earn a user experience that’s quite spectacular.

Additionally, Mac web hosting will integrate nicely with the machine that is handling your site.  Apple makes certain of that.

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